Healing Towers

Refocusing disabled veterans through the power of mentorship, camaraderie, and the great outdoors.
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Bringing Peace to those who've served

Healing Towers mission is to impact disabled veterans through their journey of recovery.  We rely on mentorship, camaraderie, and the great outdoors to create a foundation in which these veterans can re-focus their lives post injury.  

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We Need Your Help

While we've done our best to provide the essentials for our visiting veterans - lodging and an gear-and-ship included Alaskan fishing trip - the fact is that our program only continues with the support of patriots like yourself. Donate today and know that you are helping to pay for a once in a lifetime trip for a veteran who needs it!

Who We are

We are a trained team of mentors and outdoorsmen dedicated to helping veterans through the power of recreational therapy.  Every 65 minutes a veteran commits suicide – we help veterans who are struggling find peace and escape in the effort to help reverse this trend.

Veteran Testimonials

Our veterans are the reason we do this. The experience of fishing in Alaska has changed lives. See below for just a few examples of the results of therapeutic outdoor recreation.

Steven Bell

The camaraderie, brotherly love, serenity and beauty that yall, Alaska and the HRB provide has been a life altering experience and I am a better man for it.

Jake Vincent

Your mission is amazing and what you do truly saves lives. I wholeheartedly believe that Healing Towers has changed my life.

Erik Larsen

I wanted to say thank you for such an amazing time at Healing Towers. The name Healing Towers is spot on. There is something very magical and rejuvenating about the area. 

Blake O Holbrook

With the help of people like yourself, this new generation of veterans, who have known war for the past 20 years, can have a chance to heal and forget some of those horrors.

James Lambert

Thank you to everyone involved for this life changing trip. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.

Our History

In 2005 Garry Morfit, a Vietnam Veteran himself, brought his 42-foot Sail/Trawling vessel the “Hot Ruddered Bum” to Ketchikan, Alaska and instantly knew this  place could help impact the suicide rate amongst veterans – two years later Healing Towers was created.  Now in our 15th year, Garry’s dream of “Being Kind to Each Other” has been ingrained into a mentor network that is creating lifetime lasting relationship among veterans.